Locked Liquidity
By depositing an equal value of SNBL-BNB tokens to create a pair on PancakeSwap, the Nebula Protocol's team was granted LP tokens upon pool initiation. These LP tokens are in the team's possession, can be transferred like any other tokens on the blockchain, and may be redeemed at any time for an equal value amount of both tokens based on the value at the time of redemption.
To eliminate any problem that may arise from the ability to remove all the liquidity at any time (even if the team has no intention to do so), the team has locked and restricted the pool token’s movement via contract by a time-based function. This means that once the restriction is set, the tokens cannot be moved or redeemed until the pre-selected time has passed. This gives our users more confidence as the market must exist in some form within the locked period.
Rank 1 Holder
75 % of LP permanently locked within the contract (Un-withdrawable as contract ownership has been rennounced)
Rank 2 Holder
25 % of LP timelocked via Unicrypt.
Last modified 5mo ago
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