Staking Tutorial
Be sure to read the FAQ before using the staking pool so that you are familiar with protocol risks and fees!
Below is your guides to farm SVT with SNBL
  1. 1.
    Visit the Staking Dashboard (Vault) via the SafeNebula website.
  2. 2.
    Click on the "Connect" button located at the bottom right.
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3. Connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on the "Connect" button appeared in the prompt box.
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4. Allow your wallet to interect with the dapp by clicking on the "Connect" button .
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5. At the "Stake" column, enter the amount of SNBL you would like to stake and click "Deposit". Then click on the "Confirm" button to approve your staking.
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6. Once the transaction has been approved, click on the "Confirm" button again to complete the staking.
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7. Shall the transaction error appeared, refresh the browser and repeat step 5.
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8. Once completed, your staked SNBL will be displayed at "My Staked SNBL" column.
9. To claim your SVT earning, click "Get" at the "Withdraw" column, then "Confirm".
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